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Interview with Natsuya Uesugi, author of Grydscaen


grydscaenTitle: grydscaen
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Author: Natsuya Uesugi
Publisher: Xlibris
EBook: 288 pages
Release Date: July 21, 2011

 Follow the lives of the main characters as they come together in the backstory to grydscaen:retribution, the first volume of the grydscaen saga. Faid is tired of life on the run in the Echelons, trying to keep his psychic power in check, he founds the Packrats establishing a safe haven for psychics. As a hacker he uses his jack to support his neurocyne habit. Lino is recruited by the Psi Faction and is sent on a mission to kidnap Faid. Riuho, Lino’s half brother becomes a prisoner of the Elite military and they experiment on him, train him and subject him to mind control, then send him out on a mission. On his return, Riuho is set on escaping and recruits Faid who hacks into the Psi Faction systems. They escape and return to the Packrats leading up to the start of grydscaen:retribution.


Question1: What does your significant other and family think of your writing career?

My family thinks I spend too much time on my writing. I have a day job as a systems analyst so that takes up the majority of my time ad I work in IT so I am in technology all the time. Grydscaen is about hackers against the government when you strip it down bare bones. I think my family doesn’t get it. My parents were computer programmers and use to talk about code and mainframes around the dinner table when I grew up so my dad gets it. My mom not so much but she doesn’t usually read science fiction like grydscaen so I can understand why she thinks I spend too much time with it.

Question2: Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I have a few beta readers who have read some of the grydscaen short stories, not so much the novels. The grydscaen short story “A Storm’s Coming” was just illustrated by me and became a graphic novel because one of the beta readers liked the story and wanted to “see it” in action. I had always wanted to create a graphic novel of grydscaen and on the beta reader’s recommendations that short story was just turned into a graphic novel which I had printed just about a week ago. That was a dream turning grydscaen into a graphic novel and now I can say I have achieved that.

Question3: What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

I learned more about myself. I was a software engineer for a large IT company, if you look hard enough you can probably figure out where. I think the technology that I work with every day influenced the hackers in my books. I weave technology throughout the grydscaen story. I think too that I learned about myself because I have to be close to my characters when I write. I have to understand them so I have to understand myself. Writing was very cathartic.

Question4: How do you describe your writing style?

I think my writing style is straight and to the point. It is visual and written in like a story board format. Reviewers have said my characters are heroic and courageous and that the settings are exotic, edgy and dark. I think that is my style.

Question5: Do you hear from your readers? What kind of question do they ask?

I have heard from a few readers. They say grydscaen would make a great movie which I have also heard from Hollywood professional reviewers. My readers also say that they learn things from my books. That was nice to hear. If I can touch just one person through the grydscaen series and get my messages across of LGBT equality, stopping bullying, ending the stigma of mental illness and fighting for hacker’s rights and showing the plight of LGBT homeless youth on the street then I will be doing my job. If I can touch just one person that is all I can hope for. I have received questions about the hackers in the book and the ramifications and aftermath of nuclear war. I try to answer every reader’s question because readers are very important.

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